Today cryptobountynews will  review the latest of project with a good quality, and then this project i think has a good benefits going forward in future, by see attention to the application of technology and concepts that are stretched in the project.

At the moment build a quality in social global food delivery is very important through the implementation of a good system and collaboration of the best technology and paying attention to the efficient level of needs , so that it will have a pretty good impact stability and ecosystem on there, and then have a good management so i think that it will have a very good impact on development in the future. Sesame token is able to provide the solution on social network food , now see in the Sesame token platform that has a pretty good ecosystem with blockchain tech that impact the ecosystem establish .

 What is a Sesame Token ?

Is the solution for better on revolution in the management on ecosystem social food network to make as welll with the application of good technology Sesame tokens can accelerate well in social food network delivery i think that make all new client interested for see more feature on Sesame token and capability and provides on traditional financial , legal , insurance and logistical , good the services provide so that make demand on this platform as well in future.

 Technology implementation with blockchain tech 

we can see the development of the platform well because the technology applied is indeed good with the blockchain technology capable of managing networks and interactions stably and also the existence of peer to peer systems maximizing the performance of the platform properly.

 the existence of the blockchain tech that impact of sesame token are able to manage the food delivery process well and on time with highly responsible services.

 Feature of Sesame Token

  1.  they are able to provide the best quality assurance and services
  2.  the application of the best technology is able to maintain the stability of the ecosystem within the platform 
  3. structure and consept of sesame tokens that have considerable benefits in future
  4. have a good transparency so that interaction proggress is managed well and it is also easy to solve problems quickly 
  5. a high security system bot in controling transactions and privacy clients is well maintained.
  6. the level of trust with sesame tokens is very reliable in transaction because it use a smart contract system
  7. have a good delivery system 

 The Current problems 


  1.  is difficult to reach various costumers with a wider area
  2.  its dificult to get a buyer so that the seller still leaves his food and must be thrown away or even sold ata a promotional price
  3. the use of cryptocurrency in transactions that are still constrained or not yet received
  4. difficult to review of the best quality restaurants

Solution with Sesame token


  1. have a good feed back and are also able to find restaurant with best reputation
  2.  for the sellers they can sell the food until there is nothing left or thrown away
  3. the application of blockchain technology brings interaction and transactions even better
  4. on time for delivery integrate with AI and ML

 With a good work ecosystem cyle , it will have a better impact on the growth of sesame tokens in future , and be able to bring the value of the tokens in future.

 you can see the website demo here
 you can easy for download the apps on googleplay store

Detail Sesame Token  

 Token name : Sesame Token 
 Token symbol : SST
 Platform : Ethereum ERC20
 Supply of tokens : 10,000,000,000
 Price of tokens : 0.001 $
 Token for presale : 1,500,000,000 
 Softcap : $ 800,000 
 Hardcap Presale : $ 1,200,000 

Presale  running from 25 April 2019 
Presale end on 20 May 2019

Detail Team Sesame Token 

  1.  Doston Jalolov , Founder & CEO 
  2. Izzat Shermukhamedov , COO
  3. Shukurjan Burhonov , CFO 
  4. Anvar Madirimov , CTO 
  5. Victoriya Tursunova, CBDO 
  6. Mofassair Hossain , CMO
  7. jamshid Agzamkhadjayev , Legal Counsel
  8. Jakhongir Madaminov , Android Developer
  9. Jonibek Negmatov ,Android Developer
  10. Jasur Karimov , Marketing
  11. Sherzod Nurjonov, Sofware Developer
  12. Abdulaziz Bekturdiev , UX/ UI designer
  13. Smit Nirmal, Blockchain Developer
  14. Akmal Melibaev , Blockchain Developer
  15. Daler Kamolov , Data Scientist
  16. Sanjar Sobirjonov , Web Developer
  17. Javokhir Shodiev , Investment 
  18. Foyiq Abdulvahhob , Financial Analyst
  19. Otabek Nizomov , HR Manager
  20. Madina Jalolova , Restaurant Manager
  21. Rustam Sharipov , Restaturant Team Member
  22. Shokhida Ibragimova , Project Manager
  23. Yorkin Akhmedov , Patner Relationship Manager
  1. Sukhrob Ismoilov , Financial Advisor 
  2. Bakhtier Tukhtaev , Marketing Advisor
  3. Brian Condenanza ,ICO Advisor
  4. Abdulnasir Tursunov ,Business Strategy and Development Advisor
  5. Behzod Ashurov , Senior Manager at ABN-MB Group
  6. Steve Good , Strategic Advisor