This morning cryptobountynews will review the latest project with a good quality and is currently very much needed by various people around in the world and then with best quality of the ecosystem by applying quality technology and with best services that are responsible.

a good system implementation will provide a variety of good influences in shaping management in a project with structured and highly systematic controls capable of changing the quality of the project for better in future.the present of Migranet is able for build the growth in the ecosystem as well because adoption with a good technology and have a good experience team .

Let's get to know what is Migranet ?

Migranet is the new an innovation platfrom for give and improve the quality on take control on ecosystem , and then give solution for chek the services on make the quality on updating regulations for better , with high quality data and make the new era immigration system with high tech and hich secure in future. Ablr to reduce cost and implement with a good features in migranet so that in the future it will have a high community and with large demand in the market future.

With great Implementation of tech tech Powered AI Technology and blockchain Technology 

 have a good implementation of technology so Migranet are able to manage the quality of the ecosystems within the platform properly. and then all people in the world will be trust to this platform with powered with AI and blockchain tech establish for take control all data client as well and secure control on this platform as better , so that impact for al new client comfort for use this platform .

Feature Migranet 

  • First this platform using a best tech implementation by AI and blockchain tech 
  • Responsible platform
  • High secure control 
  • Reducing on prosentase on fee
  • Have a good transparency and accuracy , accountability
  • Good Services provides in immigration 

Is currently of the problems 

  1.  it is difficult to find a strategic place and provide an economic improvement to the family 
  2.  it is difficult to find the trusted practitioners for all migrants
  3. cost of living and undestanding of the environment
  4. little income and not easy for find the opportunity
  5. the transportation routes that are very difficult to reach 

Solution with Migranet

  1. have a good accuration and transparent and then easier for the migration for find the location.
  2. secure control as well for the risk and fraud
  3.  use AI assesment , that impact easy for find the reccomendation the cost countries to all immigration
  4. Implemantation with blockchain tech that impact the establish for control all condition interaction all migrants handling on fraud , secure and malpractice
  5. with Biometric ID , that make the data of client is original , always to take control the privacy of client
  6. Mig tokens that as a payment services on this platform for all interaction within this platform

 How does Migranet work ?


  • First thing to do is to register like completing a complete range of data , data starting from your proffesion , and then the languange , educations and more than

  •  After that for all migrants will be given the choice in choosing according to their expertise both quality of their education and then opportunity that matcch their potential in their chosen place through AI algorithms
  •  the last of steps for all migrant has been choice their country  and then they are it must to apply the desired status , for all migrant must to know about the fee for the widrawn from wallet MIG is $ 500 this is as a permanent residency and then 150$ to all other form migration . all proccessing on overal is by migranet and with all patnership for completed the aplications.

Detail of Token Migranet 

Token name : MIG
Platform : Etherum ERC20
Price of token : $ 0.20
Total Supply of token : 850 Million
Ciculation : 510 Million
Softcap : $ 20 Million
Hardcap : $ 75 Million

Tokensale running from 01 March  2019
Tokensale end 15 August 2019

Detail Team of Migranet 

  • Murtaza Khan , Founder Migration Specialist
  • Andreas Villalobos , CEO 
  • Pamela Garro , CPA ,CFO 
  • Victor Zapata , MBA , COO
  • Guillermo Solorzano ,MSC , Corporate Legal Counsel
  • Omar Ayales ,LLM , VP Business Development
  • Solon Ariditis , International Migration Policy Coorperation
  • Saeed Arasteh , Data Scientist AI & Machine Learning
  • Omar Bessa ,Project Manager
  • Ivan Duboski , Lead Engineer Blockchain
  • Alex Rudziak, Sr Blockchain Developer
  • Rap Joseph Alino , Sr Full Stack Developer 
  • Ric Colindres , Web Developer

  • Alex Martyniak , Excutive Director ,European Union Chamber Of Commerce
  • Kerry Gibson , President , ECO Century Technologies Planet 5050 Champion , UN Women
  • Sid Sharma , CEO , CryptoChainX ,Blockchain Advisor
  • Toni Lane Casserly , Blockchain Influencer
  • Joseph Gates , Brand Consultant
  • Greg Shannon ,Patner ,Gowling WLG ,Legal Counsel
  • Jonathan Denis , Formwe Minister of Justice & Attorney General  - Legal Counsel 
  • Gisela Curi , Counsel Immigration
  • Zeeshan Mallick ,Marketing advisor Europe 
  • Alexander Aranda , Events Advisor
  • James Hinton , Advisor ,Flashcoin
  • Chen Si Yuan , fundraising

Information detail about Migranet : 

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